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Photo: Sharon Dawn

Collage for Eco Project 2010 for the Franklin Carmichael Art Group

I created this collage for an art show put on by the Franklin Carmichael Art Group. This event was off-site at John Anga's Farm and Nursery which is a unique oasis in Toronto. The art show was set up in one of his greenhouses. When you are buying plants and trees, you should visit his farm. You would never guess that you were in the city. He has a windmill, orchard, rabbits and chickens, a pond, bee hives for honey and various areas for trees, flowers and vegetable plants.

The concept of this show was a challenge for artists to create work by using repurposed materials. I made a few pieces including this one. This one is called Hope for Universal Change. It is a collage which makes use of a vintage record, album covers, magazine clippings, a page from an atlas and a second hand picture frame.