March brings more home decor!

I have been working on some fridge magnet ideas for a couple years. I have completed some market testing at various events and they are a go!

Fridge Magnet: Bella

Today I have posted a few of my fridge magnets which are glass and feature recycled images that I have collected over time. These fridge magnets really catch the eye with the glass which is illuminated by light. 



 Fridge Magnet: Art

Originally I was just having some fun by making these fridge magnets. But, by popular demand they are part of my home decor collection for the kitchen. Look forward to more items being added to my catalog over time. My designs will include various styles and whimsical items to enjoy in your home. 



 Fridge Magnet: Mr. Winston

I am happy to include items for the kitchen as it is one of my favorite places to create. Being a foodie has me busy collecting cookbooks, cooking with various recipes and creating in the kitchen. Shopping in markets, eating in unique restaurants and experimenting in the kitchen gives me great pleasure. It is a relaxing way to enjoy various cuisine and express my creativity to be shared at the table. 

I have great respect for many chefs and their talent creating delicious dishes. I am an avid fan of the Food Network and I have attended various cookbook autograph sessions. 

I adore my kitchen and I want to dress it up with unique & interesting items. I hope you will like some of my upcoming designs which are in the prototype stage. They will make it to my online boutique very soon.





Fridge Magnet: Cupcake

Photos: Sharon Dawn