I was invited to participate in an event at the Smiling Buddha. It was an evening to celebrate art, music, networking with like minded folks and to collect clothing for the Yonge Street Mission. 

I was asked to show some of my photographs along with another artist and photographer. It was a great night as I met some really terrific people who were involved. They were interested in supporting the arts and helping out by providing an opportunity for all of us to donate clothing to a meaningful organization. Thank you Vox!

At this event I had the opportunity to show several photographs. I will be adding photographs to my home decor collection on my online boutique very soon!


White Rose

Photo: Sharon Dawn

I take pleasure in photography and I have been taking photos over numerous years. I enjoy sharing my perspective with these images in my art works and showing them at various events. I have received valued and positive feedback from the many people I have met. I have enjoyed chatting with the various people who have appreciated the particular quality of my photos and really relate to the images.

Photo: Sharon Dawn

Above are a few of the photographs that I featured at the event. 

Here are Cadillac, Vintage Typewriter, Tall Ship, White Rose, Phonograph 1910 and Candy Apple Parisienne.